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  • Hello all, So, I tried salt and turns out it did not thicken. I added about 3-4% salt to the soapberry infusion (which I had previously prepared) over low heat. I stirred for about 10 minutes over low heat and it still hadn't thickened. I turned off…
  • Hello smok,  I hadn't thought of salt. I have only ever used salt to thicken liquid soap and it does work nicely there. Does salt thicken an acidic solution?
  •  Hi Kelly Ooops! I had some unexpected things come up. I did not get around to finishing the project! :/ From what I've read on one of Perry's blogs(If you're reading this, I find your blogs very informative btw), xanthan gum is incompatible with so…
  • Hello! Thank you for replying! Yes, citric acid. They recommend.14% of it to every 1%  B.dimethylamine, added to water phase. Initially, I'll be using the B. Dimethylamine at 3% (so citric acid at .42%). I thought I would check pH before adding pres…
  • Hello everyone,  My name is Japnaam and I'm in brazil. I am not a cosmetic chemist. I have only recently taken up on formulating as a "hobby", so I'm very new at this. I apologize for posting a discussion before introducing myself. I only…
  • Hello there,  There is something called a brassicamidopropyl dimethylamine. Although it is marketed as as having better conditioning properties than cetri, it can be used as the sole conditioning agent. There is also behentrimonium methosulfate(btms…
  • Hello there all,  This is my first discussion as I am rather new here; I must say I do appreciate the helpful insight I have found here on chemistscorner.  I am new at formulating and I read on the Chemistscorner blog that some preservatives, mainl…
  • Hello there, I'm new here and this is rather a late comment coming in. I couldn't help but mention that I've come across a brassicamidopropyl dimethylamine cationic agent supposedly marketed as better than cetrimonium chloride. I don't know how well…

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