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  • Thank you all for the great information. I am greatful for all the experience I get to tap into here on this forum!
  • Yes, @Microformulation and @johnb 'natural' is undefined and I am learning as I go. I know that it isn't likely that I am going to product a 100% natural product that I like. I now that I need some refined ingredients. I am trying to find those proc…
  • Thanks @johnb, ; @chemicalmatt, @Bobzchemist, and @tanelise for your advice. I have started to research these waxes and am trying to balance my 'natural' claims with finding the most effective and closest to 'natural' wax. I am trying to find how th…
  • Thanks @johnb- The sugar scrub emulsion isn't really a true emulsion.  I am using Phytomulse (Cetearyl Alcohol & Glyceryl Stearate), with the oils and butters. When you use the scrub in the bath, it turns the water a lovely milky white and rinse…
  • Haha! Johnb, A carriage house does sound like a horse barn! My house is 100 years old, and the garage,which used to house the carriage, has an upstairs studio. We call these old garages carriage houses when they have an upstairs space. We are doing …
  • Thanks Perry and Bobzchemist! I agree with you both. I have a steep learning curve in both marketing and chemistry. My background is in power systems and the only marketing or chemistry expirence I have are in wholesale electrical markets and solid …

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