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  • @evchem2 yes I am using both. pH is between 7.5 - 8 I see this issue while cooling down the emulsion.
  • @Anca_Formulator Agree with @kivangel. You are using way too much of butters. Butters should compose no more than 10% of your formula, if you want a product that will be stable at different temperatures. You can try thickening your formula with some…
  • @Graillotion I'll try a chelating agent My preservative is a blend of Methylpropanediol, caprylyl glycol and phenyl propanol . As for green tea, I use it as an antioxidant , but I can definetly try to take it out Appreciate the advice
  • @Graillotion My other ingredients are: Emulsifiers: Stearic acid, GMS, Cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth-20 Water phase: ultrez, glycerin, betaine and Niacinamide Oils : castor, meadofoam, isoamyl laurate And then tocopherols, essential oil, Caprylyl glyc…
  • Thanks a lot @Pattsi, just one more question: For TiO2 they say it can be used up to 25% in face powders in loose forms and as well not to be used in applications that may lead to lung's exposure by inhalation!! Does this mean they exclude the loose…
  • @Pattsi have you got info on ZnO safety in face powders? Appreciate if you can share links as well. Thanks
  • Hi @Perry & everyone else. I also came across these links. I am a bit confused and seeking clarification please:  Does this study apply only to sunscreens where a combination of ZnO + other organic UV filters are present or even if ZnO is used a…
  • @Pharma are you please able to mention me in the post or link it here. I tried searching several times but couldn't find it. TIA
  • While I agree 7% essential oil is way too high. I highly doubt this will fall within the IFRA regulations You can try Symbiosolv clear plus MB
  • @Dennis I am using Arlacel 1689 (INCI Sorbitan Oleate (and) Polyglyceryl-3 Polyricinoleate) + GMS each at 5%.  @chemicalmatt Thanks for that. I am adding the water phase very slowly as you said. andthen homogenise. Do i still need to homogenise whe…
  • titanium dioxide will give a white rub effect on the skin when used, that's what i saw when i earlier attempted doing this. Why not use the pearliser but at higher concentration. I made an opaque face wash with Euperlan PK 1200 at 10%..not pearly
  • @chemicalmatt I used NaOHto neutralise stearic to pH around 7. Then homogenised. Then at the end I adjusted the final pH to 6.5 . Does this sound good or bad? If you will put the samples under 40C as you said, how long incubation can predict a 3 ye…
  • Thanks @Pharma I use stearic acid 5% Emulgade 1000 1% Cetearyl alcohol 1% Variety of oils 18% Ultrez 10 0.1% Hyaluronic acid 0.5% The rest is water , water-based actives and extracts
  • Thanks @singhc10 and @chemicalmatt
  • Thanks @Abdullah I dohave cetearyl alcohol. I tried it but not happy with the feel. Plus I would prefer to go cold process, since it is only for opacifying and i don't want to add any oils in this cleanser
  • @chemicalmatt can you please further explain howPG or BG help wioth this water exit? Also, will glycerin do the same job. Thanks
  • There are different grades of xanthan gum. Normal xanthan gum won't suspend. Try a refined non-sticky version at 1% . Check keltrol CG-SFT or Cosphaderm X-Sof
  • check this
  • Thanks @Fekher & @ketchito for your suggestions I am using ultrez 20 not 10, so it should be good in regards to electrolytes. I also have it in incubator for almost 2 months now at 45C and no separation. Just the problem of viscosity.  What emul…
  • Pre-grind your pigments using a coffee grinder. And then disperse them in your oil phase and complete the rest as usual. You will need to homogenise your formula as well using a stick mixer while the product is in a paste-like consitency while cooli…
  • I am sorry , I meant O/W emulsion 
  • Thanks Pharma,Totally agree, HLB never comes out correctly in reality. I just use it as a start. Will definetly look into HLD more
  • @MarkBroussard Sorry i wrote this before i saw the other post where you made it so clear to me. Thanks again
  • Great Thanks @MarkBroussard. That clarifies it all. 
  • @MarkBroussard Much appreciated Mark.  I literally have nothing else but some emollients, emulsifiers and extracts. So i don't need NDA. Do i still need to list it though and register my establishment.
  • @ozgirl for this. I have gone through it and what i understood is according to this my product can be considered as GRASE, but my consultant-haven't agreed with them though- says no, i still have to apply for new drug application. Not sure is it bec…
  • @MarkBroussard Thanks for your reply. Actually we do have a full range of products. This moisturizer is just one of them and i'm asking because i'm confused is it cosmetic or OTC. Do you have any clue how does "GRASE" formulas work. 
  • Thanks @Perry IS there any link or document that i can follow to check on what acceptable and what not acceptable as claims for cosmetics
  • Thanks @Perry . Do you think it is possible to do it by myself (R&D chemist) or does it require a consultant better

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