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  • I'm no authority on this by any means but most transdermal magnesium products use magnesium chloride. I was reading through "The Magnesium Miracle" and the author's recommended forms of intake were her own consumable/transdermal product (R…
  • I've been looking into this myself, a shampoo/rinse off application probably wouldn't be very effective, if at all. Much better to target the scalp directly with a leave-on product containing proven ingredients like minoxidil, finasteride, and maybe…
  • I've been losing some hair due to stress and have been trying different things. Oils are indeed useless, burying your scalp with oils, creams etc multiple times a day is only going to clog up the skin and prevent it from naturally shedding, leading …
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1 million daltons, so a high molecular weight. A 1% solution in water is really slick and gooey, and dries into a thick, stiff plasticky film under a heat lamp, similar to Elmer's glue. Whereas glycerin doesn't dry out at all. HA s…
  • I've been researching different humectants and this was helpful, particularly the difference between propylene glycol and propanediol. Also surprised how unimpressive hyaluronic acid is, I've been using it in place of glycerin but maybe I should giv…
  • From what I understand mineral oil is an occlusive, which means it forms a barrier on the skin, rather than soaking into it. So probably only a small fraction of your active ingredients are pressing against the skin, while the rest are encapsulated …
  • @Lmc You might try eliminating the panthenol as well, I've been working on a water based scalp toner and was using a similar amount of panthenol, and it was leaving a waxy buildup on my scalp that kept skin from shedding properly. Wound up giving me…
  • I just purchased some menthol and noticed a similar lack of cooling, even after rubbing the raw powder onto my skin with 70% isopropyl alcohol, it was about as intense as using undiluted peppermint oil. I did notice it dries out pretty fast, probabl…
  • I'm also interested in this, specifically how long tightly sealed powders can last. I do keep color-changing desiccant (silica gel) in each container, so I at least have some indication of relative humidity.
  • Link to the thread referenced, seems panthenol is a bit of a fluff ingredient: https://chemistscorner.com/cosmeticsciencetalk/discussion/comment/30604
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When mixing a 50/50 blend of dl-panthenol and water it does leave a sticky (and sweet tasting) transparent film on my skin, so yeah it definitely has a sticky characteristic to it. Though I read elsewhere in this forum that Perry su…
  • Also came across this short study comparing niacinamide with d-panthenol, might be of some use: https://sphinxsai.com/2016/ph_vol9_no7/1/(99-104)V9N7PT.pdf Here's the summary:(Image)
  • What exactly are you trying to accomplish @filiz? Are you trying to stimulate hair growth, or just condition the hair itself? Please state clearly the result you're aiming for.
  • Re niacinamide, my own experience with it is that 5-10% in water definitely seems to act as an astringent. After drying it seems to leave my skin more taut and rubbery. At higher concentrations it just dries into a residue on top of the skin so >…
  • Thank you Perry for running this forum! The search function has been a tremendous help for me as a novice formulator. Probably a third of the notes I've taken are from this forum alone, vs Reddit and other random sites. Good stuff.

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