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  • JohnB you give me any perfume and i can dupe it using EO and Fo it is not hodge podge. I made Modern Muse within 4 hrs! Of course to use the solvents you need a federal license IF you intend to sell. The computer inquiry yes this is a direct busines…
  • Ok so about Essential oils Mellissa is wonderful at helping with vaginal irritations... Mentha Piperita 1% dilution in EO talk in carrier oil is 5-6 drops per 30ml =1oz. 2% 10-12 you get the picture? I would say 2% would be safely in scope. And it i…
  • BTMS50. Steer clear of e -wax nf it separates in matter of days. Make sure to agitate for 30 min highest speed possible.
  • Aloe vera gel that is 5-7 ph and is water based with thickening agent not medicinal but fyi very gentle for "sensitive" skin misfortune.
  • Optiphen is geared toward oil bases where germal is geared toward anhydrous or water based. But seriously the instructions are on the product. But you need to be educated, maybe start at etsy. You need to know percents of usage and for instance vita…
  • Go to my site I formulate with natural ingredients as posdible to acheive a Functionable product! Bob is right, you have to understand the Science it doesnt lie. If you want a stable product you cant promise Natural because here …
  • Also french maritime pinebark is clinicaly shown to contain photoprotective properties against uv rays. Also anti- aging and anti-bacterial. However even topically it can be unsafe for immune system suppresion needs, and as an anti-coagulative sooo.…
  • @Zinc Hi I dont mean to jump in out of nowhere, but hey hi! Just reading and thought I could give you some solid info on pine bark extract and oil. Its contains oligemeric proanthocyanidin compounds which as you know are "super antioxidants&quo…
  • Contact Bulk Apothecary, Making Cosmetics, or Wholesale suppliers Plus they are bigger Co. With "Natural" followings.
  • There are such natural products on etsy for those with such questions. The gals on there know what they are doing and some will formulate. Otherwize. Bob dear, they can look at Dr. Bronners patents or Shaklees
  • Hey Zink, you may consider contacting Lorraine's Flavor oils and extracts, she does extracts and oils from bubblegum, to coffee flavor, to wintergreen, buttered dough, see what bulk options might be available on extracts. As her oils won't solubize.…
  • Ok, I am sorry to say Bob already told you silicone is what you want. The formula you posted may look great on you tube but 1. One hr you will have fall out. 2. The feel is scratchy and uncomfortable, not enough slip. 3. Glycerin is not stable in yo…

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