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  • I thought that nobody would write back to me, thank you very much, the product is starting to be stable, the only problem I still have is in the pigments of interference , as I increase the viscosity, it gets mud , but I think I will work it out now…
  • Of course , it is normal..... but I think that you can't give as much as you want, you can give e.g. 3-6%  if you have not pearl pigment but please remember to be well grated e.g. in castor oil.Titanium white rubbing is very important , it is best …
    in Lipstick Comment by May1234 November 5
  • Can you send your formulation? We need to  have more information , we don't know what you used, maybe it is enough to reduce the amount of one light emollient for e.g. larger amounts of castor oil...... but there can be many reasons..........
    in Lipstick Comment by May1234 November 5
  • May1234 said: Hello.I'm new here.I want to do pressed shadows with very very shiny-unique effect.I have benchnark,Inci name, I did a lot off test and I don't know where is the problem : After pressing ,the shadow is brittle,behaves like a pill…
  • I am straightening my request and inquiry. It is my formulation: Calcium Aluminium Borosilicate  Intereference colour (20-100 pm) x 58.41 % Silica Wacker HDK N20 X 3.095 % Mika Natural 5.841 % Pentaerithrytyl Tetraisostearate x 3.95 % Isostear…

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