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  • I would say polyquats . If i'm doing shampoo without silicone i often use  Polyquaternium 7
  • Thank you all. Finally I made formula with SOS ( becouse of better foaming) . I added 18% AOS, 8 betaine, 5,5  lauryl Glucoside and 1%Lauryl Lactyl Lactate. It's much better, it doesn't make my hair dull but it doesn't make hair smooth either. Anyth…
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thank you for correcting me, i don't know how i calculated this 
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For my first formula, total  surfactants amount by active matter  is 15.7, and for the second, 16.2. So it's in the range of 12-18%
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Thank you for your answer. I tried to lower DEA and betaine but it doesn't smooth hair anyway. I'm not sure about the silicone reduction... The client wants the shampoo to not tangle the hair and leave the hair smooth, so silicones …
  • my formula keeps getting better, but the soap is opaque and leaves tiny white lumps on the eyebrows. I want to add Peg-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil. This should help with my clarity, but I'm not sure what I can do with the white flecks
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thank you .
  • I have one more problem. When i'm adding PVP (2%) , soap turns opaque. Would dimethicone or isopropyl myristate help? 
    in Brow Soap Comment by KarolinaPL August 5
  • @Bill_Toge @Stanley . thank you for your answears. I am still wondering if it is possible to make eyebrow soap on steareth-21 and get transparent soap . I also wonder about the preservative - the mass remains liquid up to 80oC. Will any preservative…
    in Brow Soap Comment by KarolinaPL August 3
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He want to have sth similar to Lash Brow Soap Brows https://sklep.lashbrow.pl/en_US/p/Soap-brows-Lash-Brow/694 Unfortunately beewax is not an option for him
    in Brow Soap Comment by KarolinaPL July 27
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 K-90 and K-30. But I got better results with 90
    in Brow Soap Comment by KarolinaPL July 26
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My client said that he doesn't want to have any detergent/ NaOH etc in his brow soap
    in Brow Soap Comment by KarolinaPL July 26
  • I saw that the label states China as the country of production, so I decided not to stick to the ingredients on the label. I replaced steareth with ceteareth-20 (40%) and managed to achieve a clear semi gel, but it is still too sticky.
    in Brow Soap Comment by KarolinaPL July 14

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