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Great help @Pharma  Thank you. There's some lovely swap outs in there that I hadn't thought of and some which have rung bells. As I said, 'natural' can be a moveable feast.  I''m not going to get into that now (don't light the touc…
  • @Bill_Toge  Thanks.  Great help.  I'll let everyone know how I get on.
  • @Bill_Toge You've read my mind! TEC is the one that jumps out immediately. However, I've also been thinking a lot about utilising plant based hydrocarbons (Vegelight 1214-LC was one of them).  I'd be making more of a 'dry oil'.  That might work.  I…
  • Okay, quick update. Tried the Pemulen EZ4U. At 0.4% it does emulsify but the spray is rubbish.  Just not fine enough.  It has clogged up one spray head already and the other, well, the spray pattern is more of a glob than a mist.  Looks a bit rank…
  • @EVchem You're quite right about the production methods of polysorbates being the reason for the Prop 65 warning label.  It isn't the polysorbates themselves, but the *possible* contamination (sigh). I have some Pemulen EZ4U (and I'm loving that na…
  • Sorry to jump in on this and I realise that I might be stating the bleeding obvious, but here goes. Different essential oils have different qualities and components (ie allergens, mutagens, etc).  They're the things you have to be careful of, not th…

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