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  • Dear Belassi  They accept this combination for skin off products Sometimes big raw material suppliers recommend it And I want to ask another question in our lab working we use paint disperser with very low speed  Maybe this are not suitable for maki…
  • Dear Belassi we are manufacturer of water based paints and coatings we have 12 different facility in the world we want to produce liquid soap and etc in our plants  this formulation will be our first soap formulation as I Said before we havent got e…
  • Dear Afatoh could you share raw material level of the formulation
  • This company biggest paint Additive company they develop new thickener For hand sanitizers  https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=68QfH7YB8Oc
  • Dear Murtaza could you suggest which ratio is good for Sles- betain- coco Dea and Coco glucoside for hand soap Best Regards
  • Please read the attachment Best Regardshttps://www.altana.com/fileadmin/altana/downloads/press/BYK_Overview-Thickening_alcohol_en.pdf
  • I have some experiance on water based paint we already use a lot of different pH adjuster for example AMP90 and 95–Advantex—Superperse 95–KTPP—Falamine Plus—Disamtex amine grades—Silres BS 168 silicone pH adjuster—Vantex T— Lorama Amines I know some…
  • Dear Belassi today ı add %0.1 Microcare IT from Thor (CIT/MIT) In can biocide to the hand soap formulation But ı still have irritation problem May be ı made mistake on mixing times may have your opinion about mixing times Best Regards
  • Dear Gunther Canada goverment approved different chemical structures without alcohol  may ı have your opinion Best Regards https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/drugs-health-products/disinfectants/covid-19/hand-sanitizer.html
  • Levenol HB is glycereth-2 cocoate I use it for foam and viscosity effectivnes
  • Sorry irritation
  • Dear Belassi the formulation totally 1 kg ıf i did not calculate wrong we have hand irtitation after cleaning back of the hands  your advice is very important for me how can we solve this problem 
  • In Turkey  the municipalities and biggest companies use this solution because of the cheaper price They buy 1 kg powder then mix it 1 ton water And some small business make this solution and sell the peoples 
  • Hi ı have good experiance on paint and coatings do you ever test Laponite RD in your formulation
  • I have some experiance on paint you can solve this problem with 2 way 1- If possible you must keep pH between 10-10.5 this is very troublesome ın my test ı cant keep pH  2 - If your system is opauqe you can use Omya Smart Zero ıts powder form and do…

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