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  • johnb,  Thanks for the help. Yes I am looking for SLES alternatives. I'm currently using SCI and like the foam profile and conditioning effect. I don't think it's enough to replace SLES as far as larger bubbles goes. As you know people believe eve…
    in materials Comment by GeorgeO March 2017
  • Johnb, thanks. Looks like Sodium Lauryl Methyl Isethionate is different from SCI (I have some of this and like it too). I have read and have seen Sodium Lauryl Methyl Isethionate in various formulations as a SLES ALS replacement which I want to try.
    in materials Comment by GeorgeO March 2017
  • Anyone know where I can get some Sodium Lauryl Methyl Isethionate for a bench batch? I've been out of the industry for so long I think many of the people I worked with are probably retired by now for a UL user acceptance.
    in materials Comment by GeorgeO March 2017
  • Worked in the scale up lab, I think it was a body wash. I remember being told to spray everything with IPA to keep it "sterile".
  • Thanks for the tips all, will do!
    in materials Comment by GeorgeO March 2017
  • Hello all I was a formulation chemist about twenty years ago. I enjoyed it very much and am looking to get into it again. Looking for help and advice for Shampoo, Liquid body washes etc.

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