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  • Thank you for this info. I might use polyquaternium 37 as a first candidate and as you mentioned Perry a lot of petrolatum. When I mentioned carbomer I was imaging that they will trap the moisturizing ingredient and release it slowly in the skin. B…
  • Thank you very much guys! Also for the examples. I was evaluating Stabylen 30, a polymeric emulsifier similar to a carbomer with hydrophobic characteristics. I guess it is not so well known as the ones you are mentioning. First it is better to searc…
  • Thank you for the answer! So any liquid emulsifier can be use for cold process?
  • you're right! i'll try ! i need to search in which proportion i have to use it to get negative the test : EN 1276 Chemical Disinfectants Bactericidal Activity Testing.. otherwise i can't sell the formula. Thanks again
  • Thanks @milliachemist, but for example which product of 2 phase liquid do you have in mind?
    in Syneresis Comment by Eli December 2014
  • Thanks @milliachemist ! I have data that shows it has better killer properties than triclosan but about the formula compatibly I don't know which one is more flexible yet...
  • What do you think about Triclocarban?
  • @tonyh thanks for your comments about stabilizing Piroctone Olamine. Can I ask you in this formula I am using which ingredient is used to stabilize the Piroctone ? Ingredients : Aqua , SLES, propylene glycol, sodium dilaureth 7 citrate, sodium chlor…
  • Thank you very much for the answer Bobzchemist, pointing out the exact difference btw food and cosmetics made me realize it is a serious thing when we talk about safety in cosmetics.. you are right ! The eye doesn't have defense systems like the dig…
  • i correct - they are not often called carbomers, but we usually put them in the list of carbomers, like acqua-SF1 for example.. 
    in Carbomer Comment by Eli November 2014
  • There are many types of Carbomers and they change basically in:1. Their resistance to salt which is often correlated to the suspending power (for ex, if you want to suspend some beads inside the shampoo you should use Acqua SF-1). Also if the polyme…
    in Carbomer Comment by Eli November 2014
  • Hello everybody! I was wondering some things about microbiology because i went to a cosmetic event yesterday where one of the speakers said: Maybe in the future cosmetics will be treated as food, and they will be store in the fridge ! and that phras…
  • Hello again! I was starting with sun care some months ago and after reading a lot of opinions about Avobenzone + EHMC (octinoxate) i can't seem to understand why if there is such a unstable mix people keep using it everywhere. I know they are not us…
  • Hello Ben, Thank you so much for your answer. That solved a big problem I had. Relative to the type of microbe or details of production sadly I do not have access to that information :( but it is nice to know that there might be some type of micro…
  • Hello Ben, I have maybe two very stupid questions but ... Do saturation of germs can cause lost of transmittance in a water based solution? And another one ... If I dry a slurry full of germs (or leave a small amount of water) and leave it like th…
  • Yes it helps a lot, thanks @cosmochem and @pma ! What do you think about micro encapsulated avobenzone? Would it really be more stable ?
  • Can I neutralize amphomer with NaOH ? Because I am using another polymer in the formula to thicken that works pretty good with NaOH.
  • Thanks a lot @milliachemist. I am waiting for the supplier answer but I will start the trials. !
  • Thanks @milliachemist. The surfactant is polypxyethylene C12-C15 ether. I found it's cloud point at 1% around 48 and 52 C. But I don't know how much it changes when it is in pdiol instead of water.
  • Thanks @milliachemist! This process doesn't happen in the final formula but in the dispersion phase with a premix base. We don't want to store the slurry (microbial problems) of the optical brightener but the final powder solved in a premix soap bas…
  • Hello everyone !! Nice to read all your life stories. All of you have very interesting profiles and i am looking forward to share some time and learn new things with you! This is enormously motivating !  I am a chemical engineer graduated in Venezue…

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