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  • Thank you @Belassi and @"DRBOB@VERDIENT.BIZ" - I didn't realize that!   I can definitely eliminate the Castile Soap. 
  • Thanks "DRBOB@VERDIENT.BIZ" for the reply - that's what I needed to know.  Appreciated!  For surfactant- I was using BASF Platapon (Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxylate
(and) Sodium Lauryl Glucoside) as well as an organic castile soa…
  • @johnb - thank you for these ideas to note.  We do use distilled water - I'm quite certain the colour isn't due to Fungi or Mould.  We will check the pH out of curiosity.  @crillz - This sounds very similar to our situation!  It takes a couple days…
  • Thank you very much @crisbaysauli and @Bobzchemist  This is very helpful.  
  • Interesting, thanks for the comments @Bobzchemist !   We would produce 1000-5000 units per shade.  It sounds like we will just stick with our regular pressed powdered products and wait for the "baked" trend to pass.  
  • In my opinion there are too many heavy oils/butter in your formulation.  If you used lighter oils (combined with a wax of some kind to thicken it), the product would absorb into the skin, leaving the pigment on the surface.  This would make it longe…
  • Leucidal Liquid PT  (INCI Lactobacillus Ferment) seems like an acceptable natural preservative for a pressed powder.
  • @MarkBroussard Yes, our facility is certified organic.  We went through the process this past year.   We received an audit and certificate from Pro-Cert (in Canada) to produce USDA certified products, as well as an audit and certificate from the OFC…
  • We have a Cavalla mid-range powder press. It has worked very well for us over the years.  We can press around 80 pans an hour.  We purchased it used from Champion Trading. @Bobzchemist is right.…
  • Wow, thank you all for this very helpful advice. I can see that I am right to be hesitant about flippantly passing on the quantitative formulas directly to my clients.   Your responses give me confidence to be adamant about dealing directly with the…
  • My advice for long-term success is NOT to purchase from re-packers (distributors) such as TKB, unless you only intend to formulate as a hobbyist.  I started out as a hobbyist, purchasing ingredients from TKB.  All of the sudden, my formulas were &q…
  • Bobzchemist is correct. Lipstick is one of the most difficult products to formulate. It took me years to nail down a beautiful vegan formula for our brand. It is the product we private label and contract manufacture the most for other brands. Ob…

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