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  • Hi Graillotion!  Here is the IFRA standard for benzyl benzoate: https://ifrafragrance.org/standards/IFRA_STD48_0161.pdf It sounds like you are making a product in category 4--I believe this website describes them correctly but not 100% sure: https…
  • Wow, great! Would you recommend a particular supplier for either the sodium lactate or the konjac root? Both are very interesting, and I appreciate so much your sharing this information. ^:)^ And ah, you're right--EcoGel does look like it should h…
  • Wow, thanks for the great information, Mark. Yes, by stabilizing, I mean stabilizing the emulsion. I'm using this same low-pH botanical in several products. The emulsions use lucas-meyer phospholipid emulsifiers: amisol soft, lecigel, heliofeel. …
  • Well, both. :) I have one formula w/ a carbomer and another where I'm just using it to adjust pH and stabilize. I have had a colleague suggest AMP (aminomethyl propanol) as an alternative... I don't know much about the make-up of the low-pH botani…
  • Hi hishine, If you are interested in novel cellulosic gels, we could definitely help you. We have the co-inventor of HPMC and co-author of 20 patents involving cellulose derivatives on staff here.
  • Thank you so much for this thread! We are doing formulation work as a not-for-profit and I always have some clients that haggle over $1200 production of formulas and prototypes to which they have full ownership! Nice to have this perspective.
  • Did you hydrate it in pure H2O first? If not, you may be using too much and it's not getting properly hydrated.
    in Carbomer Comment by Avick November 2014
  • Yes, thanks Bob. I just saw this post. Lucas-Meyer has a great selection of phospholipid emulsifiers with great skin feel. @Perry, would you have any recommendations for a secondary broad-spectrum preservative? We haven't subjected it to challenge …
  • Haha, thanks you guys! :x
  • Yeah, I have seen cetyl alcohol crystallize and separate from oil phases... It is pretty polar. The product page for Arlacel 165 suggests that it is for "nonpolar oil phases". That could just be vague or sloppy language, but maybe it also …
  • Hi again and thanks to everyone who commented on this. Just wanted to update that the Spectra 11 stone melanger from Santha has turned out to be a really great microdispersion tool for getting botanical materials into very smooth buttery pastes for …
  • Thanks, Bob. I am in trial-by-fire training here. Appreciate your suggestions so much!
  • Am I asking the wrong type of questions?
  • like http://lucasmeyercosmetics.com/en/products/product.php?id=66&from=cat http://lucasmeyercosmetics.com/en/products/product.php?id=72&from=name http://lucasmeyercosmetics.com/en/products/product.php?id=66&from=name
  • Okay, now I'm just nagging... Wondering if anyone can at least comment on using cetearyl alcohol to counter the emulsion-disrupting effects of lysine. I think I read somewhere on these pages (BobZ?) that this could work. Thanks for any insight!
  • If I remember correctly, cocamidopropyl hydroxysultaine would also be a good amphoteric to work with the disodium laureth sulfosuccinate and it is Whole-Foods-acceptable, whereas they have weird and inconsistent opinions about coco betaine... if tha…
  • Stirplates work great for small batch surfactant blending.
  • Hi achokshi,  Not sure of your location, but here in Western North Carolina (US), we have a manufacturing facility that is geared towards start-ups and bridging this gap in volume. Let me know if you want more info or check out their website: https:…
  • Greetings, we are US Botanical Safety Laboratory in beautiful Asheville, NC. We a relatively new lab founded by Bent Creek Institute, Inc. to assist in fostering integrity in the natural products industry and anchoring our region as a "Napa Val…
  • Thanks so much, Bob! Qosmedix provided a good workable solution! I owe ya one.
  • Awesome, thank you chemicalmatt! So, I do use some other plant oils in skin care products for their natural uv absorption (raspberry seed oil is one). Thanks for giving me a start!
  • Bobzchemist, are you suggesting using lanolin to solubilize the actives or stabilize the W/O?
  • Thanks, herbnerd! Yeah, I think I'll do that--go with stevia. I'm not a huge fan of the bitter aftertaste, but perhaps just a touch. :) Appreciate your help!
  • Perhaps they are referring to DHAA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dehydroascorbic_acid We run an assay that requires reaction with DL homocysteine to reduce the DHAA to ascorbic acid. Free ascorbic acid and "total Vitamin C" can be two d…
  • Hi there, I am so excited to become a part of this forum! I am a new formulator based in the beautiful Southern Appalachian Mountains in Western North Carolina! My undergraduate degree is in Biology and began studying medicinal plants as a self…
  • Micro, for OTCs, yep, I agree with you. Dietary supplements can make a lot of limited claims, though, as long as they're not claiming to do anything structure/function-related to the human body. It would require finesse, but I think there is (maybe?…
    in Ointment Comment by Avick February 2014
  • Right, I wasn't reading that he necessarily wanted to make any disease claims. Tea tree oil is most definitely effective as killing Trichophyton rubrum, one of the fungi that is responsible for athlete's foot, which maybe could be put on the label…
    in Ointment Comment by Avick February 2014
  • A super simple and effective treatment is tea tree essential oil in a carrier oil or alcohol (or emulsion). Try a high-alcohol carbomer gel carrying tea tree oil!
    in Ointment Comment by Avick February 2014

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