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    Hello Sir Belassi,
    I am Nisar from Pakistan, Sir I am trying to formulate a shampoo just like Dove and my shampoo have almost all the effects like dove like silky smooth and soft but I am facing some issue with my solution. When I apply my shampoo on my hair during wash its leather (foaming) not like dove I mean when I apply dove it gives me a lot of leather and foaming which is very mildness and too much leather and foaming but when I apply my shampoo it gives me some hard foaming and very less foaming. my formulation is below please take a look and suggest me the best things. thank you.


    DM/RO water 63%
    SLES 12%
    Glycol Distrate 2%
    CocoMono 0.5%
    BHT 0.5%
    Aloe vera Extract 1%
    EDTA 0.5%
    Glycerin 3%
    Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride 0.5%
    Dimethicone 1%
    Decyl Glucoside 1%
    Polyquaternium11 1%
    Citric Acid (Lye 50%) 3.2%
    Caustic Soda 0.3%
    DMDM 0.5%
    Coco Betaine 8%
    KD 1%
    Propylene Glycol 0.5%
    Cetrimonium Chloride 0.5%

    December 2021

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