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  • amitvedakar
    I use Dimethyl isosorbide to dissolve benzoyl peroxide for making.gel.
    Is there any other solublizer for Benzoyl Peroxide?
    I made ADAPALNE+ Benzoyl Peroxide gel,but it's yellowish. Any suggestion.
    I know this is pharma formulation question.
    But required help for this formulation.
    My benzoyl peroxide plain gel is white.

    Thank you.
    September 26
    • Pharma
      Benzoyl peroxide is an oxidising agent, DMI and adapalene are not compatible with strong oxidisers. You're trying to mix fire and water.
    • amitvedakar
      Thank you.
      I found Hot PG can solublize Benzoyl Peroxide. I think removing DMI will solve the problem.
      Thank you so much.
      This combination products available in the market.
      They Use POLOXAMER. I don't find info & role of this.
      Thank you again.
    • amitvedakar
      It's take temp. of 95 C so it is dangerous to dissolve in PG.
      also find one other ingredient Docusate sodium. role or purpose to use cannot understand.
    • Pharma
      Case you haven't noticed, you're posting on my wall. The wall isn't for PM exchange. Would you mind posting your Qs in the forum? Thanks!
  • AndrewSeel
    You are doing great, I really appreciate your comments, 
    September 6
  • Gougoupets
    I appreciate your help. Thanks 
    September 1
  • raveena
    Hi Pharma
                  I am quite a novice at formulating as I just completed my diploma. From reading your posts I understand you have many years of experience in this field. Would it be possible to provide me some consulting advice? And I am not expecting it to be free. I also understand if it is not possible and wouldn't take offense. Looking forward to your reply. 
    August 16

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