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  • MarieMarieMarie
    Hi Perry. I hope you're well. My name is Marie from the Philippines. We are starting on a lip tint project to raise funds for an electrical stimulation machine for children with facial paralysis. The past few weeks I've been extensively reading about the basics -  ingredients, ratios, safety. I hope you can check on what I came up with. Also, I would like to ask what the safe shelf-life is for the preservative I'm thinking about using. Thank you.

    60% water
    10% aloe vera
    10% color
    10% vegetable glycerin
    3% propylene glycol
    3% polysorbate 20
    1% jojoba oil,
    1% vit e,
    1% shea butter
    .7% Phenoxyethanol
    .3% essential oil

    May 13
  • Ahmad
    Hello SIr,
    Sir i want to know about grease cutting performance of a dish wasg having Labsa and SLES in formula?
    I am using 1:3 of Labsa to SLES  and need guidance regarding grease cutting factor.
    in both of these surfactants which one is better for grease cutting and what impact pH has on grease cutting performance?
    April 17
    • Perry
      Hello - sorry, my specialty is in formulating cosmetics not dish washing products. I'd suggest you start a new discussion to get input from other chemists who might have that background.
    • Ahmad
      I'll start new discussion about it.could u tell me that Liquid hand comes in which category?
  • Ahmad
    Sir, one more thing i read ur comment in a discussion that DMDM is best preservative, i want to know its allowable percentage?
    and pH range for DMDM, i am using it in my firmula about 0.3% alone. Should i use more than 1 preservatives like methyle paraben?
    April 17
    • Perry
      I don't know what the allowed percentage is for household products. For cosmetics, the allowed percentage depends on what country you are in. There is no limit in the US but 0.3% is a reasonable amount. You should use more than 1 preservative if you are having problems with microbial contamination. This can only be discovered by doing a stability test. If you are having a problem, using methylparaben is a reasonable option.
    • Ahmad
      Thanks a lot for your response sir, really appreciated.