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    Good eveing (morning, day... whatever time you have) Pattsi,

    I'd highly appreciate if you could check if it works with fresh rhizomes (should shipping be fast enough). Else, I also would love trying/tasting dried Zingiber cassumunar (and any other not so common spice and herb) :smile: .
    Importing is no issue here. There are regulations but not too many regarding food plants or part of plants. Small quantities of spices for personal use are for example allowed. Prohibited are endangered species, Cotoneaster sp., Photinia davidiana, several fuit trees mostly of the Rosacea family, and potatoes and similar Solanaceae. By preference, the rhizome should be clean and free of earth so a possible inspection for insects is easily done.

    I cultivated what looked a bit like a small Kaempferia species but with hairy leaves for several years. I've bought it at a supermarket on Bali... lost it at one point and am still trying to figure out what it was, the small rhizomes had a lovely taste. If I remember correctly, they called it Kunzi or similar... You don't live on Bali by any chance? However, if you have access to fresh Z. cassumunar, Thailand or somewhere in southeast Asia would be my guess.

    My address is:
    Andreas Nievergelt
    Huebwiesenstrasse 59
    CH-8954 Geroldswil

    Thanks in advance, even if it's only for trying!

    Best regards,
    October 11
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      Shush... that's on your wall and not a PM... could you delete my address? It's maybe a bit too public LoL.

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