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  • bella82

    I have been using Btms 25 in my conditioners for both conditioning and emulsion. After reading your thread on btms alternative, I just have a simple question. 
    Should I go ahead and add say Emulsifying wax NF to support it, and at what %. 
    PS: it’s hard coming by Btms 50 in this side of the Atlantic. 
    November 16
    • Cst4Ms4Tmps4
      Oh. I responded to Gunther's comment. He/she coincidentally asked about the ratio. Basically, I cannot answer you how much emulsifier to put it. No one can provide you with the exact number, may be an estimate.

      Emulsifying wax NF, basically, does away the old school HLB pain. Due to the Cetearyl Alcohol in there. If you need thickening too, that is.

      Similarly, I am sure you read or heard that you need not worry about HLB calculation using BTMS-25. Again, BTMS-25 contains either Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, other fatty stuff. Different manufacturers have their own mixtures.

      Since they don't depend on HLB they are used according to recommendation by the manufacturers or by experience. Does the place or seller that you bought Emulsifying Wax NF mention how much to be used? Use more if you want thicker product. It is difficult to tell whatever you want to emulsify is properly emulsified when there are fatty alcohol there.

      2-in-1 (surfactant/emulsifier + thickener/fatty something at room temperature) is in the name of convenience. Emulsify AND thicken both at the same time. Ironically it makes (some) people even more confused and frustrated than never! Doesn't really solve a problem especially everyone has different goals.

      Gunther, for instance, needs to spray. I need to squeeze dropper bottle. For the both of us thickening is our foe. There is absolutely no control over the thickening part because the thickener is already in there, if we add more surfactant in order for something to be emulsifier properly, we automatically also add more thickener.
  • bella82
    November 16
  • smok
    hello dear
    September 29

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