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  • Tyss
    Dear professor,
    I need your help for a problem  i encountered with my liquid soap formula
    I used as viscosity agent for my liquid soap (55% olive oil and 45% copra) at 20% dry matter modified hydroxyethyl cellulose of the order of 1% I found a viscosity of the order of  759 CP at 20 ° C which is not normal
    I passed the sample to centrifugation test for 15 minutes at 30 rpm per minute, a deposit at the bottom of the tube appears.
    the same phenomenon appears in the sample placed  at 50 ° C for 1 day
     I did not understand what happened
    the operating mode is as follows:
    1- first step: saponification of the fatty substance with caustic potash
    2- pH adjustment with citric acid (ph: 10.3 ,sol 10%)
    3-Addition of the chelating agent (edta 4Na)
    4- Adjustment of the viscosity with the addition of 1% of modified hydroxyethyl cellulose (hydrophobical hydroxyethyl cellulose): addition in solution with water (the amount of water added is 10 times the amount of HEC required.
     I need your help
    Looking forward to your feedback
    Best regards
    September 1

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