Natural color fixers for hair?

AvickAvick Member
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Does anyone have experience with "natural" (read that loosely) color fixers for hair color? I'm just beginning some light research into this topic and would love any pointers. 



  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Avick, if you are talking about oxidative ("permanent") hair colorants, then film formers and UV absorbers are the best bet.  I'm a big fan of deacetylated chitosan as a natural film-former. It's cationic, grants a soft feel, doesn't have much of a build-up attitude and might work OK here. (It still won't work as well as the best of the synthetics: polyethyleneimine.) And no, I do not sell chitosan, so my opinion is neutrally informed. As for natural UV absorbers - uhhh...coconut oil has a SPF 2, I think.  Not much help there I suspect.
  • Awesome, thank you chemicalmatt!

    So, I do use some other plant oils in skin care products for their natural uv absorption (raspberry seed oil is one). Thanks for giving me a start!
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