Suspension Issues

I'm formulating a body wash with jojoba beads (simply for color, not for any functional use) And am having trouble getting them to stay suspended. I stripped away the fragrance, the polysorbate, and all other claims ingredients, but the formula below still does not perform properly.

H20 qs
SLES (25%) 25
SCI (85% noodle) 5
BETAINE (30%) 16
Ultrez 20 .8%
TEA 1.2%
Blue jojoba Beads .5%

Ultrez was originally around .6, but I upped it to .8 for higher viscosity - beads still just float to the top. I've added some crothix, to get a very high viscosity formula, but they still slowly migrate to the top (albeit slowly). Should I go higher on the Ultrez? Just looking for some general suggestions about how to make this work. Any feedback and help is appreciated thank you :-)


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