thicken out naturally without "gummy" feeling

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I'm making a body scrub where I would've used a carbopol to make a gel base...but my issue is I can't use synthetic raws

I've tried different gums like xanthan at around 1.5-2% but the final product has that gummy feeling to the touch,characteristic of these gums at high %'s

I would've made a an emulsion as my base, but my scrub has to be clear/translucent with exfoliating beads.

Any suggestions as to what I can add to reduce that gummy feeling? or some other way to create this gel base? 


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    HEC - Hydroxyethylcellulose. It is considered semi-natural.

    Alginic Acid.
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    Can you use Laponite?
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  • I can't use Laponite....but will keep it mind for something else in the future, I've never used this synthetic clay before. Thanks
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