Pearling agent for cream?

Hello everyone
I am trying to get a cream to pearl and opacify and trying to find out what ingredient to use?

The formula has stearic acid and cithrom egms (glycol stearate) which i thought would pearl, so far no luck.

oil phase
- ceteth 20 1.5%
- stearic acid 5%
- cetearyl alcohol 2%
- glycol stearate 5%
- olive oil 4%
- sunflower oil 5%

The glycol stearate has helped to opacify the product but not pearl. Is there any agents that can make it pearl immediately? or ideas for %?

Thanks very much


  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Try to use mixture of lauric, myristic, palmitic and stearic acid, set the pH above 7 and wait sometime for the effect to set in. Or use a high percentage of stearic acid, say 15% and very minimal oil, neutralize to pH 8 and you would get the effect in sometime.
  • Hi Chemist 77,

    ok thanks I will try that. I had the pH much lower at 5.5 do will increase as well.

  • my pearling comes out in time, i usually let it cool slowly and the next day it will be nice and pearly!

  • thanks billichemist
  • Try glycol distearate
  • Hi Heather thanks i tried glycol stearate and its works a charm
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