EDTA in liquid soap

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dear Member, Chemists,


please help me!

Somebody use in EDTA in liquid soap? can you help how many percent and when should put it?


Thank you your answer!


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    That really depends on what is in the rest of your formula.  Can you at least provide an ingredient list?
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    EDTA should be added to the water phase of the formula and as early as possible in the formulation process. By adding it early on, you make use of EDTA's benefits to your formula. It is recommended to be used at 0.1%, 0.2%, or 0.3% in soaps, but that depends on the purity/strength of the EDTA you are supplied with. A lower purity EDTA supply might require you to use more of it in the formula.

    Here is the link where I recovered the above information, (Dow Chemical):


    If you are going through a home crafter website, ask them who supplies their EDTA ingredient and ask them for the formulating specs. The specs will tell you the proper percentages to be used, based on the manufacturers recommendations.

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    Didn't DOW invent the Chelation Value spec? Or was it Hampshire?  Trivia question only.

    Beha, it should be noted Mike is referring to solid state EDTA sodium salts.  Some folks like to use the solutions. Calculate accordingly if you are one of them.

  • thank you the answers!

    here is  the liquid soap ingredients list:

    olive oil
    coconut oil
    castor oil
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