HDPE or LDPE packaging

is there a benefit to using HDPE plastic packaging for lotions over LDPE packaging. This is for oil in water emulsions using e-wax, carrier oils, liquid germall plus and less than 2% essential oils. Will LDPE gradually deteriorate because of the lgp and eo's?


  • Bill_TogeBill_Toge Member, Professional Chemist
    the only potential issue with using LDPE with that kind of product is having fragrance and other volatile materials leaching through it and/or discolouring it

    whether or not this is likely to happen will depend on how thick the walls of the pack are, and whether the plastic is single-density PE or a blend of high- and low-density PE

    in my experience, blends are more robust than single-density grades
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  • Thanks Bill, the HDPE tubes are 5 layered: 1. PE 2. Bonding agent 3. EVOH barrier 4. bonding agent 5. PE
    I don't have any futher info on the LDPE tubes. They are both packaging from New Directions
  • t4m456t4m456 Member
    Hi, you can buy different type of tubes monolayer, multilayer or laminate PE tubes. Generally when you do not give the component( HDPE or LDPE or LLDPE) for the producer they use MDPE which means mixture of HDPE or LDPE in 50%-50%. You can buy 100% HDPE tubes which advantages are the next: isolates well, resists more against the agressive materials and homogenous with the head of the tube(I will explain it later why is it important). Disadvantage: more rigid and for exapmle for a a hand cream a rigid packaging is not so customer friendly. For a technical product like glue is perfect. It is imaginable to buy 100% LDPE but nobody does because the tube is too soft and works better if it contains some LLDPE(the best quality Linear Low Density Polyethilene) or some percents HDPE. The head of the tube is always 100% HDPE.
    There are many options and possibilities if you thinking on filling your products in tubes. I am working with tubes for years.
  • Chemist77Chemist77 Member, PCF student
    Great points @t4m456
  • Agreed @chemist77, that is a great description @t4m456. Thank you for sharing.
  • t4m456t4m456 Member
    Thank you gentlemen! I am happy if I can help you in packaging questions. I've also learned a lot on this site from useful comments. If I can help you feel free to ask me.
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