Depilatory Cream & Lotions formulation required

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Dear all friends. please help me to have the most effective formula for hair removing cream and lotion, which shelf life is longer and no toxic smell, and easy to make. I have some, but some of them make reaction on skin... so please any one can help me in this.


  • BobzchemistBobzchemist Member, PCF student
    I don't think what you are asking for is possible.
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  • Bobzchemist, I do agree. All those formulations and products are strong keratolytics based on acids or bases. The skin irritation is almost inevitably and it depends on time of exposure, concentration of actives etc. The better hair removing effect - the higher risk of the skin irritation.
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    Maybe you could develop a cream to apply after debilatory application. You could include anti-irritant or soothing ingredients, such as: 

    Petrolatum (occlusive, reduces water loss through skin - TWEL)
    Panthenol (anti-inflammatory, humectant)
    Menthol (cooling)
    Polyhexanide (antimicrobial, reduces pain/discomfort)
    Xylitol (humectant, antimicrobial)
    Bisabolol (anti-redness)


  • @Shah, you here are few suggestions for you, hope they might help you;
    • For reduced irritation use Ca and potassium salts of TGA instead of its Na salt, the downside is Ca and K salts are not as efficient as Na salt of TGA .
    • Use D.I. water and EDTA for more stability.
    • Use urea for hair shaft swelling and SLS in small quantity for even application and sebum removal on hair for better efficacy of depilatory. Beaware! SLS is renowned skin irritant!!!
    • Use purest grades of TGA and alkalies available in market.
    • Use PG,  mineral oil and Aloe vera exract.
  • DavidWDavidW Member, PCF student
    Basically you are asking people here who may make their living developing formulas to give you the best depilatory on the market for free.  This is afar different from asking for help with a problem formulation.  I would suggest contacting some of the great chemists you have on this board and pay them for their services.
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    I'll second David's comment.  We don't mind giving advice here, that's an altruistic pursuit.  But to shell out a working formula is asking for a lot. Shahbaz has already supplied you with a LOT of helpful information; you can take it from there.

    Note to Shabaz: SLS vs. Thioglycolic acid in the Skin Irritation Contest, Thio always wins! Nobody will notice the SLS while their skin is being dissolved by the thio along with their hair.

  • Matt, you are saying right.
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