Crystal clear transparent shampoo and hand wash liquid ?... how... ?

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I try some SLES to make hand wash.. like chinese, taiwan's and indian Sles also, but non of them comes out with crystal clear & transparent look. All of them little mild in color. Please advice me what to do, to make my hand wash crystal clear 100% transparent. ?
like any chemical do I need to puted in ? or any other things need to do ?


  • Which emulsifiers are you using? Are you using gelling ingredients such as HEC or Carbomer?  
  • if you have oils such as fragrance, mix the oil into the SLES first before adding water. The SLES will act as the solubiizer for the fragrance oil.
  • Use solubilizer like PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, always use D.I. water.
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