can anybody suggest the  ratio of emulsifier :oil ratio in o/w.if the emulsifier is soap or other common emulsifiers like cetostearyl or GMS


  • Wish it were that easy friend. There is no magic "ratio" that works every time. A lot depends on which emulsifier you are using, what your formula is composed of, and the levels of the various chemicals.
  • I would suggest that you create samples with different ratios, that way you would soon hit the bullseye, otherwise no one can help you, just as @Iaskedbetter explained, there are many factors that are in play here.
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    Well, as a general guideline, approximately 15% oil in an O/W emulsion is about the right amount.  Check the formulation guidelines for the emulsifiers that you plan on using.  And, do an HLB calculation to determine the proper percentages of each of the respective emulsifiers for the combination of oils you are planning to use.

    Other than that, as stated above, you need to experiment.
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  • There are several cold process emulsifiers which will allow large oil loads in an Oil in Water emulsion (some up to 80%).  I would suggest, like others have, to experiment. A good place to start is lotioncrafter where a neophyte can purchase small amounts of a wide range to try.  If you have the business creds which indicate that you are a real formulation and production business, try Croda for samples (they have a nice selection, many of which are available from lotioncrafter).
  • Been wondering... am I the only one that hates polysorbate? I don't use it at all these days. Do not like the tacky feeling it produces.
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  • @Belassi
    Me, too.
    I just started a new thread to ask for alternatives - here
  • Thanks a lot for your advice i will try to learn more details in this topic
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