Isn't zinc oxide sunscreen @ph7 harmful for skin acid mantle?

AbdullahAbdullah Member
Zinc oxide provide sunscreen at pH 7 only. 
If we use zinc oxide sunscreen 2 or 3 times a day, it will rise the pH of skin to 7. 

Now if skin adjust it's pH and acid mantle, sunscreen will not be effective at that acidic environment. If it does not adjust the pH and acid mantle, sunscreen will be effective but acid mantle will be damaged if skin is at pH 7 all day long.

This is how i am thinking 🤔 about zinc oxide sunscreen. Am i right or wrong? 
Please correct me. 


  • jemolianjemolian Member
    I think the issue is if there's any data to show if the skin's pH is affected by pH 7 products over a period during the day. People can always apply other products to bring it back down if required after cleansing the sunscreen.

    Not sure if there's any data if the performance of the zinc sunscreen will be affected by pH once applied. I believe the pH issue is that it's self regulating at pH 7 as the product?
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