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  • Hi I'm Doug Erick I have been missing from this forum for years.  I have been formulating... you name it.  Polishes, cleaners, radiator treatments, cosmetics for awhile (35 years).  I worked for several contract packers. Now I consult and have my own skincare business.   
  • Hello, I am Silvana D Papa and I studied electronic engineering, educational training, but my passion lies in skincare, predominately making high quality, luxury of skin care products. This pushed me to study cosmetology. 
    I have singled handedly been making a wide range skin care products for over seven years. Judging by the feedback received, and product trials I have conducted on myself and friends, I believe I have now reached an advanced level of making skin care products.
    Overall I want to continue my journey with support of cosmetic science and the best scientists in this field.
    Kindest regards,
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    Hello, my name is Christian. I'm new to cosmetic formulation, but feel like I've already learned a lot just reading and searching the threads on this forum! This place is a gold-mine of information!
    My interest in formulation actually got started when I got curious about the ingredients in the water-based lube brands I was using 😅. Lube is gosh darn expensive and I wanted to make it myself to save money since it's mostly water. I also think there's room for improvement for higher performance and lower irritation. I don't care much for "natural" BS and prefer minimalism and safe/effective ingredients.
    I'm also an artist and hope to combine that with cosmetic and lube formulation to build a business! (I know about FDA 510(k) and it may be a pipe dream but I just really love lube and sex toys so I'm determined to make it work somehow.)
    Aside from lube, I want to try out formulating all sorts of things, especially coconut-oil based emulsions because I love the way it smells and feels on my skin.
    In general I'm fascinated by cosmetic science and the complexity of all this. I don't have much of a background in chemistry or organic chemistry, but I've been making progress in the fundamentals like learning the Bronsted-Lowry and Lewis theories of acids and bases. Hoping to slowly work my way up to organic chemistry.
    Thanks for having me here! I'll try to only ask good questions and contribute where I can.
    ⚠️ I have a lot of ideas, but not much experience! Please keep this in mind when reading my suggestions. ⚠️
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    Hello, I am 23 years old and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I have finally gotten my LLC June 26th 2021 for my Natural Holistic Remedies Business. My vision for my business is to be the worlds largest organic cosmetics along with other natural things such as fitness, food and more. I plan to further my studies in becoming a Chemical Engineer while mastering in Cosmetics of science while working and having internships with Proctor And Gamble, L’Oréal, or any other major cosmetic line to learn and grow my skill set. Looking forward to learning more and getting help from others to grow my business into what I dream of! 
    -NappyNay Enterprises
  • Greetings! I am a retired neuroscientist who has been dabbling in cosmetic science for 10+ years. I am delighted to have found this terrific resource with so many helpful professionals. I would love to start a line of botanically-based products, but I’ve reached that point of learning where I am suddenly overwhelmed with how much I DON’T yet know. 

    Thank you for being here and I look forward to meeting you all.
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    Hi, I'm Tais from Australia and I started my formulation journey in 2016 but only recently got more into it, I've been following this forum for a while and I am very happy to be part of it now :) Hope I can help other as much as others here have helped me.
  • My name is Jen and I have a background in biology, chemistry and psychology. I am just getting back into science after raising my children and have enrolled in several formulating courses online. I have been making basic sodium soap for 20+ years and have a local custom brand that sells out regularly called Naked Honey (by Jentle Soaps).  I have also been making DIY beauty products for about 30+ years and have finally found my home back in school learning the proper way to formulate and create and am having a blast! Thank you Perry for offering your courses, I am sure I will be taking them ALL. I have worked as a DIY formulator for a couple of raw ingredient suppliers and am excited to bring to the table some more quality products as I learn to use the more refined raw ingredients available. There is so much misinformation out there about what works and what is just fairy dust and it is nice to have a place to sort out the proven from the folklore. Be prepared for some very basic questions from me. As the saying goes... the more you know, the more you realize how much you just do not know.
  • Hi! I have a background in computer science, but my greatest passion is skincare. That's why I founded my cosmetic brand, and we are currently working on launching the first product. My goal is to create effective non-irritating products that are safe for people and the environment.
  • Hi, my name is Giulia and i’m from Italy. First of all, i’m not a chemist, just a fan of self-produced cosmetics. Here in Italy we have a lot of different on-line market where you can buy the actives ingredients and the raw materials, but unfortunatly is very difficult to find authoritative sources on how to best use them. and so here i’am! however, I have been producing my own cosmetics for 12 years and I start to formulate it like 5-4 years ago. Now, i need to improve my knowledge with the help of industry experts to make more functional and luxury cosmetics. From my part, i hope to offer some good ideas in how to treat couperose and dry skin; in facts, relieving redness and minimizing the appearance of capillaries has always been my goals and I have found and tested on my own interesting synergies that I would like to share. I hope to be welcome even if i’m just an amateur.
    Thank you for accepting my registration request, i will do my best to ask appropriate questions and contribute when i am able. 
    Kindest regards,
  • Hello, My name is Harry. I'm from Tennessee. How are you all?
  • Hello, I'm Josephine. I own a skincare brand. I love researching and creating products with new ingredients. Nice to meet everyone here.
  • Hello, My name is Dima and I am from Ukraine. I am a software developer, but I have an interest in understanding formulations (as a hobby). I am also formulating some simple products for myself (just water-based simple serums\toners, no creams or fancy stuff).
    So thank you all for the info provided on the forum and your answers to my questions, I really appreciate this.
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    Hi everyone, my name is Sophia and I am a Trichologist (studies the hair and scalp) in Canada. 

    Sorry about the username.  I don't know how to change it to my name after logging in with my business email address and being logged into Linked in. 

    I have been making my own hair care products on and off for a few years but always referring clients to other company's products.  I have one scalp serum on the market which was manufactured by a plant based company I worked with but want to offer more.  I am interested in learning more about formulations especially for those with hair loss.  Hope to chat soon :smile:  
  • Hello everybody, I'm Silvia from Italy and I'm going to graduate in Law in spring.
    When I went to high school I'd started interesting in chemistry and biology (nutrition field). At the same time, because of my scalp problem, I began to take information about INCI and so I discovered people making cosmetics by your own.I gave up using and observing raw materials reactions four years ago. When I started to go at University my idea was (and still is) to connect my scientific interest with Law (that is my "first love"). During this period I've listened to my feels and thoughts about my life, projects and now I'm delighted to have found Chemists Corner!
  • Hi everyone. My name is Gina and I am italian. I am not a chemist, but I am a member of the largest italian cosmetic self-production forum, "L'Angolo di Lola". I have been a member for 10 years now, and, in this time, I have learned the basics and I have learned both to copy existing formulas on the market and to formulate new products, all the ones I need. Mine is a hobby but also a passion, which allows me to test myself and prove to myself that "Volere è potere (Will is Power)", which would be the equivalent of your "Where there is a will, there is a way". I also subscribed to this Forum because I like to learn more and more. Thanks for accepting me
  • Hello. I’ve recently started making lotion,, soaps, lip balm etc. I would like to educate myself on the chemistry- side of things. So I can grow in the process.
  • Hi everyone, I'm Raffaele, UK-based pharmaceutical chemist and qualified pharmacist. I work in the sterile manufacturing industry and I am trying to start my own cosmetic line as a side business since this has always been my passion. I really enjoy investing my free time formulating and experimenting my formulations. Looking forward to interact with all of you guys!
  • Hi everyone. Terry thank you for allowing me join the forum..I just discovered there is an introduction section. My name is Steph. I am a Nigerian. I have first and Masters degree in Biochemistry. I work with a soap and cosmetics conglomerate. I just love chemisry and am a great cosmetic enthusiast. With the little time I have spent on this forum, I must confess, it has really worth my time, I was amazed seeing people giving practical and straight forward suggestions to the discussions I put up. Thank you  Perry for doing this for free
  • Hi everyone!

    I'm María, I'm from A Coruña, Spain. I was a soapmaker for a long time, and a few years ago I completed a University Expert Course in Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy, but continued to make only soaps till now (as you know, in Europe soaps are considered cosmetics). Now I'm trying to improve my formulation skills and better formulate other types of products. I'm especially interested in natural cosmetics, but I like to know how convencional cosmetics are formulated too.

    Thank you for allowing me join this forum.
  • Hello!

    If you can believe it, my name is Warren and I am a chemist.  :D  I've been in the personal care industry for years. Some haircare but mostly skincare formulation experience. Worked for a contract manufacturer for the bulk of those years but did a stint of consulting as well. I've browsed this forum I can't tell you how many times at work and finally decided to join in on the fun. 
    (Also to all my lab techs who I know browse here because of me: hi! Please don't make accounts to cyber bully me :D )
  • My name is Anna, I recently started making organic soaps wholesale for small boutiques, and local hotels. We have begun to expand our product line to include body care and working on my own custom formulas. I'm most interested in using organic ingredients and I am looking to learn and grow in this space.
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    Hellooooo 👋🏻

    Thank you for accepting my request. I already made an error in where, what, and how I posted, so I apologize. I’ve read the rules and advise and will do my best to meet those.

    My name is Ellie. I live in Northern California, I have been an esthetician for 20+ years. I started formulating some basic products (masks, massage lotion) for use in my treatments. I found some simple formulas and followed and then tweaks those. Over the next few years, I slowly started getting more courageous  and trying to create products that I wanted to use, but weren’t made by the skincare company I was buying from. I had some success and was really enjoying the process. When Covid hit and I couldn’t work, I decided to try to create and more complete line of skincare products. I was able to set up a lab in an unused home winery on my parents property. I am incredibly fortunate to have a built in customer base and have been able to grow slowly and organically. I am now up to near 20 products. They have been very well received and selling well. I have been impressed with the results my clients, and myself are seeing.  I am now trying to make the products more elegant. As I start stepping out and experimenting, mostly with emulsifiers, I am quickly aware of how little I know. I am excited to be here and learn for all of you. I have really found a passion in formulating. 
  • hello everyone,

    I am Fatima, a pharmacist I have been studying on cosmetic science so much as it was one of our main courses in college and my favor topic as well. I worked on pharmaceutical company for more than three years in both quality control and R&D departments. But now, I want to work on cosmetic to make safe and effective products. nice to see this forum and special thanks to Perry to provide this informative platform.
  • LaurieMoserLaurieMoser Member, PCF student

    Hi Perry and Forum Members!

    I’m Laurie from Las Vegas, and I’m enrolled in the Chemists Corner Natural Cosmetic Formulating Course.

    Histamine Intolerance and Salicylate Sensitivity have caused my ultra-sensitive/reactive skin, and the need to formulate my own skincare products. It’s been trial and error —mostly error— so I’m sure the Course and this Forum will help a lot.

  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    @LaurieMoser - welcome to the forum!  We look forward to seeing your questions and participation.

  • MariaSibonMariaSibon Member
    I am a chemist with experience in various fields, academicallly I was involved in environmental cleaning chemistry, then I moved into pharmaceuticals formulation and manufacturing and then into cosmetology. I am currently working in cosmetics/detergents factory involved in  formulation and QC.
    Although I have certain knowledge and experience, I still consider myself a beginner in cosmetics formulation and manufacturing which I am willing to learn more. This forum is a gem with various fruitful discussions, Thank you for accepting my registration and I am willing to be an active member.
  • Hi my name is paul, I am sales manager and just joined in a cosmetic company, I hope I can learn more cosmetics here.
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  • HrHHrH Member
    Hello. Nina here. I found this forum only very recently but glad for it. I am new to skincare and looking to start a niche brand. I have a first sample of my formulations which I am tweaking. I am also working on the business, marketing and regulatory aspect of things as well. Looking forward to learning and sharing here. 
  • georgegeorge Member
    Hi! my name is George Noha. I live in the UK. I have recently started my job on Like it on top. 
    like it on top is a British brand that you offers handmade vegan beauty to protects skin so that you like it on top. All of our products are handmade using natural, organic and vegan ingredients. we have natural treatment for vegan skincare acne. For more information visit our website Likeitontop.com.
  • Hello I'm Dia. I live in the US. I am a R&D Chemist. I'm new to the field but very excited to learn from and share knowledge with all the awesome people on this forum.
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    Hello All! My name is Michelle and live in the USA. I’ve been making CP soap and scenting with my own fragrance blends. I want to add a liquid hand soap and room & body spray to my lineup but need to learn how to make my oil based fragrances soluble so they incorporate and stay clear in the liquid bases. 
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    Hi to all!
    Awesome forum!
  • FarahFarah Member
    Hello all! 

    I’m Farah and I’m based in Canada. I’m a civil engineer by education and trade. My interest in cosmetics was led by my curly hair and my living in various countries where I wasn’t able to find anything that worked well for it. I started my tinkering just over a decade ago and the time I’ve dedicated to it has waxed and waned with whatever else is going in life. As a new mother I’ve been exploring my work options outside the corporate engineering world and that brings me here. I’m on an exploration mission to see if there’s still room in the market, if I have value to add, if I have what it takes, etc. 

    I’m a hobbyist kitchen formulator but I have accumulated some insights and knowledge over the years, and I hope to have the opportunity to share them with some of you here. If nothing else, I’m happy to offer insights into ingredients and formulations as a curly haired consumer. I’ve sold some of my products in the past and I’ve had them challenge tested so I’ve dabbled pretty close to the “starting an official business” line but never quite crossed over. 

    I love chemistry but haven’t studied it in ages. I look forward to diving back in! And I look forward to learning from the experience and knowledge you all bring! 
  • Hello everybody! Glad to be finally here presenting me.

    I'm a cosmetic formulator currently located in Switzerland. I am graduated in industrial pharmacy but always wanted to work as a formulator in the cosmetic industry, because I really enjoy the freedom of action given to cosmetic formulators, compared to all the limitations that are instead (rightfully) imposed to pharmaceutical formulators.
    Due to my background, my knowledge concentrates mainly in everything linked with powders and tablets, but I'm deeply interested in surfactant and colloidal science and I'm currently concentrating in learning more and more about it.

    I am also very interested in technology and logic, and hence I apply statistic and DoEs to my scientific approach. My objective for the future is to understand the behavior of complex mixtures and of the molecules that compose these mixtures.
    I mostly work with natural ingredients, but this does not mean that I don't want to learn about the other materials.

    I also like programming languages, cooking, origami, cosplay and everything that I can build from scratch by mixing a bunch of basic things.
    Long ago I created a website that has the aim to share knowledge and resources about cosmetics within people speaking my same language. This was created primarly because of the lack of scientifically valid information about cosmetic mixtures.

    I am looking forward to connecting with a lot of you!
  • LokiLLokiL Member
    Hi all,
     I’m new to formulating and have been in this industry about 2 years. I’m here to learn from and share with others. I’m so glad I found this forum because I love this industry  and look forward to growing in it.
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    hi, my name is Barbara and I make soaps, cold process.  I have a company called soap  solution and a lot of my customers have been asking for a shampoo bar.  I have been making it just for my family, but living in Europe I need everything certified by a cosmetic assessor, so before I put an ok formula on the market I started to research the different components and found this amazing group.  Based on things I have read here I came up with a tweaked recipe and am ready to try it (just waiting on the ingredients).  I would like your input, but will have to try it first, wash my hair a few times and see even if it is discussion worthy.  Thank you for taking me on here.  This is sooo much more challenging then understanding different oils for soap…. Or maybe it is just as confusing, just that there is much more out there to read on different oils then all these chemicals one uses for shampoo and conditioner.  

  • DazedDazed Member
    Hi Everyone, My name is Christian, I am from the US. I'm a formulator constantly learning, I have a small lab to formulate and some production equipment. While not reading ingredient lists, I am working on graphic design and other ideas. I like honest, clean formulas and I lean towards minimal ingredient lists. Looking forward to learning more and sharing ideas.
  • Betto3Betto3 Member
    Hi, I am Albert From uganda, East africa.I am an agricultural scientist by training.I love researching, I've recently fallen in love with cosmetic especially soap making since a couple of months ago,my country has been undergoing an acute shortage in the imported raw materials used for making saop that culminated into rise in the soap price.This prompted me into learning the science of formulating and I have achieved some mailstones so far and am pretty hopeful through this forum by ardent passion to learn formulation will be absolutey sastified.
  • RockyRocky Member
    Hello! I'm Rocky and a new member. I make and retail handmade soaps. I have joined to improve my knowledge of cosmetic ingredients and formulating, mainly because I love experimenting with new ingredients. I have always enjoyed cooking and I think of cosmetic chemistry as the same as cooking, just with a different set of possible ingredients. So, in that respect, for me, formulating is a new and interesting extension. I look forward to scouring the thread and learning new things!
  • luttieluttie Member
    I'm a Chemical Engineer and have never had any prior experience in the cosmetic industry. ~6 months ago, I started working as a formulator with some college friends to launch our own brand. It's been a quite interesting and challenging journey, especially because our products are all "green/natural/eco-friendly" AND solid (bars, sticks, etc.) so we have to deal both with fearmongering and wide range temperature stability (we are in Brazil and the country has temperatures from 3 to 42ºC: smile:)
  • Good afternoon everyone, 
    I am writing on this beautiful August afternoon from the city of Miami, Florida. I am new to this forum and pretty much new to the whole cosmetic field. I have a science background. I am a practicing Registered Nurse and love patient care. My interest in cosmetic is mostly for my own personal care, in other words, a hobby. I want to learn as much as possible on how to safely and properly make my own personal care items. I started this DIY journey by making soaps and since then I've been so happy and addicted that this whole thing has gotten me to the cosmetics area (mostly, lotions, creams, hair products, bath bombs). I look forward to learning from all of you who are so much more advance. Thank you for having me here! :)
  • Hello everyone, my name is Xavier and I'm from Mesa, Arizona. I got into making hair products for myself at the beginning of this year as I wanted to control what I put into my hair. I've fallen in love with this hobby and would like to get better at it so that I may be able to make great hair products for others. 
  • Hello everyone, my name is Marcin I came frome Poland, I am a produced of skin care products. I interested in modyfications of my own formulas, and solve some specyfic problems during productions. Regards

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    Dear Perry,

    Thank you so much for letting me join Chemists Corner.  This a tremendous resource and I have learned so much already.  If anyone needs someone who has both chemistry and legal background (perhaps for claims or regulatory guidance) or has general questions (I don't charge for friendly discussions and consultations - I like to build friendships), please feel free to hit me up at:  christopherbrainard@gmail.com.  I also do a lot of volunteer work with 501c3 charities including the boys and girls club so if anyone is doing nonprofit or charitable work in cancer research or the like, hit me up (but for profit is cool too I know we are in a cosmetics formulators forum here :).   

    I have pasted my education herein for reference - I'm a lawyer who completed premed and has a good foundation in O-Chem and Biochem (I make a good side kick to a PhD Chemist :).  Cheers and grateful to have found this cool site!

    Christopher Brainard



  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Linda. I have a background in Phytochemistry. In recent years, I have developed an interest in cosmetics. I try to learn as much as I can about skincare formulation. I look forward to learning more from all of you and contributing as well.
  • hello, everyone, 

    I am Arthur, from China. I am running my small business to provide effective cosmetic products for Customers here.  i am very happy to find this forum and also know so many professionals with brilliant ideas and knowledges here.  if you have any products that have sound feedback from customers, i encourage you to share with the information . maybe we can do something to find a good market in China for your products. 




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    appreciate my been added to this forum. A very big thank you to Perry for this beautiful initiative. Ohh . Sorry, my name is Stephanie. I have a background in biological sciences and less of Chemistry. I am a cosmetic enthusiast. Just like to mix my own thing. I believe been on this forum will allow me learn more from the professionals in the house, and if by any way any of my mixing experience is needed I will not hesitate. Thank you
  • I am working with a company that uses a 10% methyl salicylate 1.4% Menthol lotion.  The level of Active Ingredient Methyl Salicylate at 10% is a problem in Europe.  Any Ideas or suggestions?   
  • Hi Everyone, I am Vignesh Working in a Personal Care Formulation and Development Lab, I am new to this Industry and Just Started Formulating a Few Years Back, and it is very interesting to make Challenging Formulation Based on the Manufacturer's Expectations. I have Experience in Research and development in Perfumery, Organic Synthesis, Esters, Emollients, Natural Extracts....etc. But this Cosmetic Formulation is Evolving day by day and is Interesting Too, I was excited to get into this Forum with a lot of Experience People to get Knowledge. I look forward to learning more from all of you and contributing as well. Thank You
  • Hi everyone. First of all - thank you to all who started and have maintained this very informative forum. I'm a formulation chemist, with a broad range of pharmaceutical experience in everything from analytical chemistry to pre-clinical in vivo and in vitro research to protein purification and now polymer chemistry for medical devices (mostly transdermal patches, but some creams/lotions). I am admittedly a greenhorn in the formulation world, so after some time perusing the forum and learning a great deal, I've decided to join. Looking forward to interacting with you all! - Greg 
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