Face toner formulation

I want to make face toner..please check and suggest me its negative side or any add on ingredients 
Lactic acid
Rose water 
Alovera extract

Please tell.me is it ok?

One more thing to know why face cream or solution adjust ph below 7 or acidic? Isn't this acidic ph harm the skin?

I want to learn from you experts so welcome your additional information 😊


  • FekherFekher Member, Professional Chemist
    @drjayseesunish ; the ingredients are not bad and the dangerous can come from high acid products. 
  • PaprikPaprik Member
    Those mentioned ingredients are fine and safe if used within their regulatory limits and as meant to. That is all we can tell you. You would need to provide full formula (and method) for us to review it and correct it if needed. 

    Even though skin itself does not have pH, it likes pH around 4.5 - 5.5. So you are safe to formulate to that levels. (Unless you are using actives/preservative that require specific pH, then you formulate to those needs)

    Hope that helps. 
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