Which phase does Montanov go in?

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I have been making emulsions with Montanov 202 (and a couple with L) and I always put it in the oily phase and then add that to thewater phase after heating. It has worked great for me so far but I was looking at Seppic's documentation on it and they recommend either:

A: Adding it to the water phase and pouring oil phase into that. 


B: Adding it to the oil phase and pouring water phase into that. 

Neither of which I have been doing. What is your preferred method?


  • The instructions also said to homogenize both phases separately before combining them, is that really necessary?
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    Normally you should be able to add to either phases, however the end result can be different if you add to either one of the phases, such as difference in viscosity or soapiness or skin feel. The technical sheet of some emulsifiers may show this comparison if they note a large difference, such as Olivem 1000 or PolyAquol-2W, which some of the comparisions. 

    Normally if i'm making a small test batch of 30ml to 50ml, i'll just one pot it and add everything into the water phase to heat and process.

    For the "homogenize", you can just mix the phases by stirring normally before mixing both phases if you require, mainly for dispersion of the ingredients. 
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