Help with particle size, please

Hi everyone.

I want to buy non-colloidal microcrystalline cellulose for a toothpaste. I'm reading the data sheet but I don't know how to interpret the particle size, can someone help me? On the data sheet it says:

Particle size (um distribution by laser):
D10: Not more than 50
D50: 90-140
D90: Not less than 170

Thank you very much!


  • I understand this as sort of bell curve like distribution
    10% to be less than or equal to 50 (insert your units here), 50% of your product around that 90 - 140 mark, and then 10% to be equal to or greater than 170 (your units here)
    (To extrapolate that would leave 15% for both the 50-90 and 140-170 range)
  • Thank you :)
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