Science behind cold and heated manufacturing anhydrous product

Hi all
Can somebody tell me the science behind manufacturing as an example body balm in a heated way or cold way because I made mine both ways to find it out and see any difference but there was no difference what I could see with my eyes?
Actually, the cold produced one felt better on the skin 
FYI I used Shea butter and Rosehip oil, camellia tea oil.

Thank you


  • For solid ingredients, you can mix them better and easier when they are in liquid form. In solide form you cant mix them very well and it will be very difficult to mix in large scale. 

    Think of it as 100kg, can make balm in cold process?
  • That's a very good point I didn't think about that thank you
  • shea butter - cold process with stick blender?
    You might created a whipped butter which was fluffier and lighter than hot process one and made it feel better on application. It might not be ideal process for commercial scale production like @Abdullah mentioned.

  • Pattsi said:
    shea butter - cold process with stick blender?

    No I used a mixer I don't work with a stick blender
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