What's the downside of hydroxyacetophenone?

Low irritation. Food additive. Natural claim. Preservative-free claim. High pKa. Not expensive. Big companies are using it more and more, effectiviness being verified. Can act as skin-conditioning agent and antioxidant...
If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. What's the downside of it? Why weren't it rediscovered until recent years?


  • It is not cold processable. 
    It is not inexpensive. Price is 7x more that phenoxyethanol and 2x more than Paraben.

    I think it will be very popular in the future. 
  • I have been using it since almost the beginning....and it is in all formulas.  I view it as a preservative booster.  Since I do not use parabens or F releasers...I figured I would enhance my E9010 multiple other ways, Symsave H being one of them.
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    One downside is that it has a smell but it's not unpleasant
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