Methyl parabens characteristics

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Hi, I haven't been here for ages, we stopped operating during the pandemic. What I want to know is, and I have already looked and looked and found nothing:
Does anyone know the breakdown products of methyl parabens under high temperature, i.e. if a residue in a non-tobacco smoke product? And if such products are safe or not? I'm not interested in solutions of parabens, but the actual dry substance. I am thinking of applying for a patent. 
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    @Belassi Ignor above post, it's a brain-melt and @Perry will delete it.
    Half the post is okay and parabens aren't great if heated too much but there's no nitrogen present and toxicity is lower... if I find something out, I'll let you know.
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    Thanks. I am working with a large marijuana cultivator in the USA with a view to reducing the incidence of botrytis, he's losing 90% of his crop. It mostly goes for edibles and that part's OK, but it is the smoking part that concerns me. I have already been running my own trials.
    Cosmetic Brand Creation. Concept to name to IMPI search to logo and brand registration. In-house graphic design inc. Pantone specs. Cosmetic label and box design & graphics.
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    We had an issue with botyris with a CBD supplier I have worked with. In the end it came down to pruning, sanitation and the use of Biochar. It is best dealt with through farming methods. Microformulation Cosmetic Consulting provides Custom Formulations for both large Commercial accounts as well as smaller entrepreneurs. We can provide Naturally compliant Formulations under the NSF, NPA, Whole Foods and USDA Organic Certifications. BS.Pharm Albany College of Pharmacy, Union University.
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    Do not use ANY KIND of preservative/pesticide on flower buds. First: Most crops are regulated (cannabis is usually not) so that the consumer does not eat too much chemicals and second, decomposition due to combustion is unknown and a real issue with that particular plant. I understand how bad it feels to lose a crop (we had a piss poor year, my chilis had only 1-2 fruits each and the other crop has botryris too). It sucks but that's life. I would NEVER use anything on hemp/cannabis (on younger plants possibly but these do not require treatment unless you're doing it wrong).
    Depending on local regulations there might not even be any available treatment/prevention of any hemp diseas (I don't know US regulations but it's well possible that they have regulations as well which restrict and/or allow certain pesticides for certain plants/plant organs/seasons and parabens are not approved pesticides). With hemp, he might consider switching to a variety which is better suited for his climate. Medicinal varieties are often best suited for indoor cultivation or fairly narrow local climates with the risk of having a bad season once every few years. There are hundreds of new varieties popping up since the hype but many are unstable crosses of people who don't know how to breed plants (let alone hemp) and many aren't selected for being hardy plants but high yielding monsters and these are prone to diseases which were unknown to hemp. Some can be treated during the vegetative phase and with organic (non-synthetic) means... botrytis shows up in late flowering and whatever you spray on the plant then will end up in the consumers.
    Besides that: parabens are metabolised by plants to form para-hydroxybenzoic acid which has allelopathical and 'pharmacological' effects on plants (e.g. reduces plant growth and negatively affects water homeostasis). Parabens also affect soil microbial life and this is probably going to backfire too (maybe not this season but next one or the one after that...).
    If he lost his crop due to botrytis after harvest, then he's clearly doing something wrong. My advice there would be: Change your contact, he's not the only large marijuana cultivator in the USA but clearly one of those who picked the wrong job. Sure, even the best ones can have losses after harvest due to mould but the mere thought of adding something to prevent or, worse, treat it instead of doing a good job... the heck!
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