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Hello Experts,

What is the best method to incorporate the Amodimethicone (DOWSIL™ 2-8566) in the normal conditioner formula with quats. We have tried both the methods - adding at hot phase and cold phase. However it sticks to the wall of the stainless steel tank and makes a rubber like layer. Any help would be really really appreciated.



  • @billichemist I usually add it RIGHT AFTER I poured the oil phase into the water phase, at the start of the emulsion process. Good luck!
  • Hi Ketchito,

    Thanks for your help. We also tried the same method. Added right after oil phase once emulsion was formed. The batch was looking quite good (Smooth cream) throughout the process. however, when we changed the pH with citric acid at the end, it reacted the same way. 
  • I believe @Abdullah has experience using amodimethicone...
  • Can you list all the ingredients with percentage!
  • @billichemist What I meant is that you add it right after the oil phase, not once the emulsion is formed. Ideally you add the Amodimethicone in the oil phase, but since it can be not compatible with all ingredients (and depending on the type of amodimethicone, it could undergo self condensation), so a workaround is to add it just right after the oil phase, at the first seconds of the emulsion process has started. Also, which amodimethicone are you using?
  • @ketchito, thanks for your help. I am definitely going to try this method. Hopefully it will fix the issue. We are using Dowsil 2- 8566.

    @Abdullah, sorry for the late response. Sure I can.
  • I combine my amodimethinoce with another silicone oil or IPP or IPM in my formulation, until it less viscous, then add after emulsification oil phase finish
  • @ariepfadli
    Thanks for sharing your experience. Really appreciate it.
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