How to make my lotion less greasy

Water 73
Butter 7.58
Oil 7.58
E. wax 4.8
Steric acid 3.86
Frag 1.51
Vit E 0.75
Preservative 0.9

I you have any  suggestion please do message.


  • Cut the butter by 5%
    Tell us which oil....there are all kinds.
    Sub some or all of the stearic for fatty alcohol (behenyl will give drier feel).
    Add some IPM
    Consider other emulsifiers...they all have their own feel.

    Long and the short....if your formula feels greasy....it's cuz you're adding too much grease!

  • BTW...you are missing some fundamental pieces of a basic formula.

    You have no humectant....in reality...oils don't moisturize...they only lubricate.  Humectants as an example would be .... glycerin, and many many other items.

    You have very weak barrier function.  This is what holds the moisture in...once you establish it.  If you don't build a fence to hold it in....it will be gone very quickly, and it will need to be reapplied hourly. :) 

    This site has a search bar.....you can receive a full education here, buy just reading old threads....and it is FREE.
  •  I am using Grape seed oil 
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