Shampoo with Long lasting scent

BatoulBatoul Member
How can I make the fragrance lasts longer on hair for my shampoo
Is there any material to be added as fixative?



  • Are you just using fragrance or essential oils? 

    If you are using essential oils, you should have strong body and base notes. 

    If you are using a fragrance, you need to contact your fragrance house and tell them you are looking for something that will linger after wash off. 
  • I am using fragrance.
    Thanks @Paprik
  • You're better off saving it for a conditioner, because it's usually the last step and it stays on the hair a bit longer.
    Now, the question is: do you want something cheap, or do you care more for the scent and staying power? If you want something cheap, you should find a FO... but if you want the scent and staying power, you should go with an EO.
    However, EOs will be trickier to use.
    In general, spice and wood notes linger longer than citrus and floral notes.
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