Cotton candy texture shampoo ?

Has anybody seen this type of thing happening in a shampoo? Is it just because its simply too viscous or is there a form of ingredient incompatibility at play? 


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    You're going to have to provide more details- can you list the ingredients present? Is it stringy when you pour/pump it or is the texture noticeable even when sitting?
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    I am using a surfactant blend consisting of ALS/Sodium Lauryl  Glucose Carboxylate/ Lauryl Glucoside / Cocamide DEA. It also contains PEG 150 Distearate but none of the percentages are listed.

    I have successfully made a clear bodywash/Shampoo

    Surfactant Mix29
    PEG 7 Cocoate3
    decyl glucoside2

    + 0.25 % Polyquat 10. Excellent viscosity and the clarity is perfect

    I have tried to create a pearlized version using Euperlan PK 3000 

    Surfactant Mix25
    decyl glucoside2
    Lamesoft PO651.5
    Euperlan 2

    When Polyquat 10 was added it created a thick sugar looking texture.

    At the usage rate of 0.25%, upon addition; it would stiffen and break if attempting to move it around with a spoon. A few days later, it seemed to settle down. I have since been able to create a pearlized version with 0.11 % PQ-10. Using Polyquat-7 (1.0-1.5%) did not create that effect.

    I would describe it as large glob (0.20-0.25% PQ-10). I am wondering why this would happen?
  • What is the problem? I couldn't get it.
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