stumped on shampoo thickness

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trying to make a sulfate free conditioning shampoo.. I can not get this to thicken to 7,00-10,000 cps. I know this is based on Ph I can't anything to work... any suggestions...

water 61%
Cetrimonium Chloride- 1%
Cocamide MIPA-2%
Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate=3.00%
cocoamidopropyl hydroxysultain-7%
Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate -15.50%
chelating agent-0.25%
citric acid 0.50%
euxyl 9010-1.00%


  • PaprikPaprik Member
    This is not only based on pH. 
    Taurates should be easily thickened by salt. I don't see any NaCl in your formula. ? 

    What you're trying to reach, is different type/shape of micelles. You are basically reducing the head group size, so it can form cylindrical shape. Those can tangle when mixed and this is what's building viscosity. 

    Start to add salt in 0.3-0.5% increments, mix thoroughly and see what's happening. Once you reach your desired viscosity, stop adding salt, record the amount and re-do the sample with updated formula. (If you would add too much salt, micelles could turn into bilayer and this would turn your product water thin again) 

    Hope that helps. :)
  • ozgirlozgirl Member, PCF student
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    Try reducing the Propylene Glycol or removing it as this can reduce viscosity.
    Also Cetrimonium Chloride is generally not recommended with anionic surfactants and may also be causing some issues. You already have polyquat 10 so probably don't need this.
  • HenryHenry Member
    @Paprik this has to be a salt free formulation.  Otherwise I know salt is my best friend.
  • PaprikPaprik Member
    You will need to use gum a polymer to thicken your product then. I don't think there is another solution, unless you are really lucky with the pH (perfect combination of surfactants).
  • AzizAziz Member
    Henry said:
    @Paprik this has to be a salt free formulation.  Otherwise I know salt is my best friend.
    You can try HPMC . 
  • DavidDavid Member
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    @Henry capb already contains salt. Probably cocoamidopropyl hydroxysultaine too. Check the CoA
  • hobbizhobbiz Member
    IMO, the Cetrimonium Chloride thinned out your shampoo. Leave it out and try adding 0.5-1% salt.
  • AbdullahAbdullah Member
    Is it %15.5 powder AOS or liquid? 
    How is the foam of it?
    Does it make clear Shampoo or opaque?

    I am recently working on it and salt decreases the viscosity. 
  • HenryHenry Member
    this is a salt free formulation
    it is opaque. 
    AOS is a liquid.
    using thickners..
  • Definitely remove CTAC. Try PEG-120 methyl glucose dioleate, methyl gluceth-10 blend, PEG-150 distearate or crothix liquid.
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