Formulating with methyl paraben


How best is to work with methyl paraben in a cold process formulation? My understanding is that it has limited solubility in cold water but is soluble in hot water? Looking to work with this ingredient in a alcohol free mouthwash. 

Many thanks for any help.


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    Hi there 

    the solubility of Methylparaben is 0.25g in 100 g 25°C  Water for hot (80°C) water it is 2g / 100g 

    Normally the Concentration is lower than 0.25% in a normal Product so you properly can dissolve it in cold water as well but if that takes too long of course you can heat it up. 

    Although a possibility is to put it in propyleneglycol the solubility is around 22g/100g but normally in a formulation, you don't have that much of propyleneglycol 

    hope that helps you with your work 

    Head of Research and Development 
  • Sodium Methyl Paraben..
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