How would you interpret these mixing instructions?

"Mix all ingredients and heat to 80 °C. Add phase C to phase A+B and
homogenise via vigorous stirring for approx. 10 min."

-1- Do you think they are saying that the preparation needs to be brought to 80 degrees and kept at 80 degrees for the full 10 minutes?  Or probably not?
-2-   How fast (in RPM) do you interpret "vigorous stirring" to be?  I see some references online that some people consider this 500RPM and others 16,000RPM. 

Thank you.

(Full text is contained here, but I don't think it's more helpful than the above excerpt.  Thank you. )


  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Since there is an A and B phase it's important to know what ingredients are in A and what ingredients are in B.  In their formulations that is listed on the left side column. 
    So, that means in one container mix the A phase. Then slowly add phase B ingredients with high shear mixing. These are the polymers and they need to go in room temp water.  Then you heat up that phase.

    At 80C, add the ingredients from phase C (this is the oil phase). Use the homogenizer for 10 minutes.  Then begin cooling down the batch.

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