Effects of visible blue light on the skin?

raiyanaraiyana Member
Should we be worried about blue light and its effects on our skin?

I noticed blue-light protection skincare products are becoming more and more popular these days.

Skincare companies like paulas choice and unilever tell us to protect our skin from blue light using products with antioxidants.

According to Unilever: "64% of people unaware of blue light impact on skin"

Paulas Choice says: "We spend so much time using our devices, holding them close to our face and eyes, it adds up—that’s where health issues arise."

Byrdie.com has a list of products to protect our skin from blue light damage:

But Labmuffin says on her blog "So is visible light from screens worth worrying about? I would say no, for the majority of people."

What's your opinion on this? Should we be worried about the blue light from screens?

Or is this just another fear mongering marketing tactic? Or maybe it's too early to tell and more research is needed?


  • vitalysvitalys Member
    It sounds like another fear mongering marketing wave. 
  • RedCoastRedCoast Member
    I looked at the data, and blue light isn't something to worry about for the majority of people. High exposure to blue light can cause slight hyperpigmentation/discoloration problems. IMO, those with recalcitrant melasma and hyperpigmentation problems, and especially those who are photosensitive, should be more cautious with blue light.
    The ingredients that are marketed to fight blue light is just a bunch of fluff. There are numerous apps to help computer users turn down the blue light and the brightness in general.
  • MarkBroussardMarkBroussard Member, Professional Chemist
    It's just marketing hype
    Chemist/Microbiologist formulating in the Organic & Naturals arena under ECOCert/Natural Products Assn/Whole Foods/National Organic Program guidelines focused skincare & haircare products. 

    See website for details www.desertinbloomcosmeticslab.com
  • raiyanaraiyana Member
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    hmmm the pandemic forces many people in the world to stay at home, work from home, in front of the screens at least 12 hours every day.

    i'm expecting to see a lot more people with pigmentation issues, particularly on the face area (if they dont use blue light protection skincare products)   :D :D :D
  • emma1985emma1985 Member
    Pigmentation from blue light is mostly a concern for deeper skin tones, Fitzpatrick 4 and up.
  • PerryPerry Administrator, Professional Chemist
    Here's what the scientists at Beiersdorf had to say.

    Basically...no you don't have to worry about it.
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