What is your favorite silicone elastomers / cross-linked polymers

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I am still working on a night cream and a hand cream...so if you answer is specific to that level...please indicate.

Please state the most amazing one you have ever worked with, and why.  Of course I would prefer that it be one available from a US re-packer....but don't want to exclude any thing.

Since these seem to carry a heavy price from the repackers...at what level (on the low side) do you find benefit and textural enhancement.

Do you find they bring a lot of barrier function to the table?


  • I can’t decide which is my favorite as I liked all that I tried, but I can certainly tell you which is used the most in commercial products -polysilicone-11. Unfortunately not sold by repackagers as per my knowledge.
  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Dow Corning 9040 is the go-to elastomer blend for facial primers and color cosmetics and it conveys that silk sensorial. I would not  use it in a night cream though; the crosspolymers work so much better. I'll recommend a SF1505 or DC1401 clone from A&B Specialty Silicones in Illinois (www.andisil.com). They have the same products at hugely less cost. You'll never need Dowsil or Momentive again.
  • @chemicalmatt what is your opinoin about Gransil SiW-026?
  • Cafe33Cafe33 Member
    So I can get from a repacker here (Mexico) what they call "silicone elastomer 9040" so I thought it was the same one Matt was pointing out. Big surprise it is poorly tagged as the INCI shows that it is actually DOWSIL™ EL-7040. Is that similar to the Dow Corning 9040? 
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