Reverse Formulation

Hey folks, 

Thank you for having me here.

My name is Marina and I need your expertise and help.

I'm trying to reverse formulate one of the face serum-cream that I brought for my personal use 2 years ago. Due to covid, I'm unable to travel and buy it again ,so I want to give it a shot and try to reverse formulate. 

citric acid q.s

My questions are : 
polyglyceryl dicitrate/stearate can be replaced by Polyglyceryl3 - Diisosteatate ?
sodium gluconate can be added directly to the formulation or I have to dilute it first in water as it is my first time working with this ingredient ? - also is this a preservative ?
glyceryl caprylate and glyceryl undecylenate - is a preservative in this case at 1.25 

Please do let me know what am I doing wrong as my emulsion doesn't feel the same as the product I purchased.

Thank you for you advice,


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