Reputable Onion Oil Supplier?

EVchemEVchem Member
We are based in US but client wants a product similar to Amazon listings for onion hair oil that seem to be popular in India. Searched on UL Prospector and the standard repackers (making cosmetics, lotioncrafter, fss) but no luck. Anyone know somewhere that isn't ebay/Alibaba where we could buy Onion seed oil that would come with COA and basic quality info?


  • LeoLeo Member
    There are NO reputable onion juice/oil suppliers in the USA. Ideally, for the onion juice/oil to work on hair, it should be cold-pressed and freshly used within a week or kept cold to extend shelf life. All the so-called products with onion juice are not very active. I make my own fresh onion juice for my personal use and in my experience, it is as good if not better than Rogaine.....If you find a supplier that is reputable (make certain you do your due diligence), please let me know.  
  • LeoLeo Member
    By the way, the onion juice contains some very fascinating substances with high functional activity if used fresh and at the right concentration (toxicity can occur if used at too high a concentration). More research needs to be done to determine the concentration range that gives the optimum effects of onion sulfur-containing substances on skin, hair and nails....
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    @Leo Thanks for your input- so is it a misnomer when products are saying onion 'oil'(is it really juice as you call it)? We have water-based onion extract, but the oil is proving difficult. The one formula we were shown as a benchmark does appear to be a real oil.

    @Microformulation Thank you as well. that option didn't show up in my search because I was going by INCI- their paperwork doesn't have any CAS or real information about the product identity which is a little concerning, and it seems like this product is specifically for onion smell- if anything I think we are looking to avoid that and go for a cold-pressed oil.
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        I am an amateur formulator but I make my own onion infused oil directly from onion seeds- not cold processed of course and I have had some very good reviews for hair fall - used in combination with other oils and ingredients for a herbal hair oil. The point being, making it myself has me bypassing a lot of the inconsistency and short shelf life as mentioned above. 
  • The onion oil from the seeds is not the same as the onion juice from the onion itself. In my experience, the onion seed oil does not perform nearly as well as the onion juice from the onion. The onion juice has certain beneficial substances not found in the onion seed. Please feel free to email me if you have an interest in using onion material. Lee
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