Mechanism of action of Hydroxyacetophenone / SymSave H

I'm seeing this ingredient in many products, especially in sheet masks.

It got me wondering how and why does Hydroxyacetophenone boost the effectiveness of other preservatives?
How does it compare to other preservative boosters?

My short literature sweep got me nothing


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
    It's a phenol and, like most small phenols, has a certain inherent antimicrobial effect.
    Mode of action: unknown, likely multitarget
    Mode of boosting: unknown, maybe absent
    Comparison with others: unknown
    Many preservatives work a lot better in mixtures, may it be 'boosters' or other preservatives.
  • Ahh thanks! It sounded like an intriguing multi functional ingredient with anti-oxidant, preservative boosting and anti-inflammatory claims but publicly available data on it is scant. 

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