emulsion separating: beginner

hello formlators,

i am testing a simple cream emulsion and keeps separating, help is much appreciated in correcting:

Phase A:

Sunflower Oil = 40.5g

Stearic acid = 2g

Glycerol monostearate GMS = 3g

Cetearyl   Alcohol  = 2g

Beeswax = 1g



Phase B:

Water = 41g

Glycerin = 4g

Lactic salt = 3g

Xanthan Gum= 0.5g


  • PharmaPharma Member, Pharmacist
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    What exactly is that supposed to be? Are the lacking % supposed to be preservatives and perfume?
    I can tell you what it's not:
    A: o/w emulsion: no appropriate emulsifier
    B: w/o emulsion: no appropriate everything
    C: Stearate cream: no base, not enough stearate
    D : Cold cream: not enough wax
  • Hello Pharma,  thank you. The lacking % is for  preservative and perfum. 
  • As said above...lacking a true emulsifer.

    What are you trying to make?
  • darferihadarferiha Member
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    Actually trying to make a simple cream base 50/50 oil and water.  Grams are = the % . I have the GMS glycerol monostearate in hand, can't get the SE version here in my country. 
  • Sometimes it helps if you say your country.  Then others on the forum that live there can steer you to an emulsifier supplier.

    Well...if you have a 50% oil phases (if I understood correctly)...you will certainly need a real emulsifier, and B) way more of it.

    Is there anything a 50% oil phases product will do....that a 20% oil phase cream won't do (and feel way better doing it)?

  • crillzcrillz Member
    As people already mentioned. Add an emulsifier and wind the sunflower back closer to 10 percent at least
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