Foaming after hand washing is done.

Hello dear friends,

I am from india.i have started handwash manufacturing unit a few months back and it has a nice response.but I am not understanding why there is a foaming on the hands if I rub them again after washing while they are still wet.can anybody suggest me a is my formula and procedure.

Water 70%
SLES 30%(28%active)
COco betane 8ml
Coco DEA 8ml
Glycerine 5ml
EDTA  .25 gm
NACL 5gm
Citric acid 0.1 gm

Procedure.take 700 ml water add slowly 300 ml of SLES to it.slowly mix it for 5 minutes.then add glycerine mix well.add coco betane and coco DEA mix it. Add perfume and colour and citric acid to it mix well .slowly add salt small amt at a time to built the consistency.check ph .ph of my hand wash is between 6 to7.
Kindly suggest me


  • chemicalmattchemicalmatt Member, Professional Chemist
    Two suggestions  here @Snehajoshi : increase  the level of coco-betaine relative to SLES by a lot: increase betaine/reduce SLES.  Also increase the EDTA since your  water in India has more hardness (Ca++, Fe+++) then other places. I would double the EDTA, assuming it is tetrasodium EDTA.. 

  • @chemicalmatt hi, i was reading this post and want to ask your opinion. I'm in Indonesia and i believe it has hard water problem.

    1. My handwash formulation always use 0.2% disodium edta. Do you think this is enough?

    2. I always thought 0.2% will be enough to boost preservative efficacy. Apart from that I have no idea what benefit it bring.

    3. Do you prefer tetrasodium edta over disodium edta?

    Thank you
  • What kind of preservative are you using?
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